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I am a wedding DJ who takes exceptional pride in my performance, both visually and musically, which is powered by my strong passion and love for delivering high-quality entertainment on your special wedding day. I’m very much a specialist open format DJ which means I am highly versatile and able to play across all music genres. I listen to your requests, your musical likes and dislikes and curate a bespoke DJ set special to you. I can also read the vibe of your guests on the day and play crowd pleasers to keep them happy and dancing from the start until finish.
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Spotlight Moments for your Wedding

These spotlight moments are completely optional as I understand they are not for everyone. However, they have helped create countless highlights to special days, becoming everlasting and treasured memories. These are only some suggestions, a few examples which I have seen work time and time again, but I am open to your own ideas too and will be just as eager as you are to help incorporate them into your wedding. They are great opportunities to further involve important people in your celebration, such as your mum, your dad, grandparents, sisters, best friends; the new in-laws! They can also help break the ice and entice your evening guests to get up and feel more involved in playing key parts to your wedding evening.

Father and Daughter Dance

Often one of the most treasured moments of any wedding reception. A tear jerker for some... but my 3 top songs for this wedding dance would have to be: "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth, "In My Life" by The Beatles, and, "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder - for a more upbeat and meaningful track if you and your dad love to dance.

Mother and Son Dance

Not so traditional, but certainly something I think should be! Shower your mum with some public love and respect by giving her a special dance in front of your nearest and dearest. She will hold on to this moment forever! "I'll Be There" by Jackson 5 accompanies this moment wonderfully. Or how about Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World"?

The Bouquet Toss

Tossing the bouquet is a fun little set-up, takes no time at all to do and again it gets people up and involved. All the single ladies, "all the single ladies", gather around for the bride to toss the bouquet, one lucky lady catches it and tradition has it that she will be the next to get married... maybe it's true, maybe it's not, who cares? It's fun!

The First Dance

Showcase your love for each other with a magical first dance with all your loved ones surrounding you. With only the bride and groom starting on the dancefloor, leading to everyone joining you after the first chorus - spectacular. A real energy creator and party starter if executed correctly, I don't want anyone to miss out on this. I also make sure it's not awkward!

The Last Dance

The last dance is of course at the very end of the wedding night. It is a chance to close the day on a high with everyone leaving in great spirits. Either you or I should pick a meaningful song, or, a song which will send the energy and love from the day firmly into memories of all. "Sweet Caroline" is seasoned for this pinnacle moment.

The Anniversary Dance

A fantastic way to incorporate more love on the dance floor. I ask all married couples to the dance floor, I play a fun love song (say, "You Make Loving Fun" by Fleetwood Mac), one by one the couples leave the dancefloor based on how many years they have been married. The longest lasting couple remains and they get a spotlight dance if they so wish.

What's included when you book Ryan Boden Wedding DJ?

Why book me? In a nutshell, I provide a comprehensive and bespoke Wedding DJ Service which will make your wedding planning just that little bit easier and your wedding a one to remember…

Meticulous Planning

I will take the time to go over every aspect of your wedding to fully understand what you want to achieve and explain exactly how we can help you do entirely what you dream and more. From start to finish your input is totally valued and implemented.

Your Music Choice

Obviously, it’s your day, and you are allowed to pull the strings on what music I play and what music I don’t play. Make as many requests as you like or leave it totally up to me. I can even prepare specialist mixes for your first dance at your request.

Controlled Volume

I understand you may not want loud music throughout the whole day or night. I play music at a suitable level so your guests can enjoy their conversations without shouting. You can request me to turn it up or turn it down at any point and I will listen to you.

Customer Service

I really am unrivalled for the level of customer service I deliver to my ever-growing happy clients and it’s what I pride myself on. I respond to your emails with high priority, usually within minutes. I go above and beyond a being a ‘DJ’ to add further value.

Quality Audio

My quality sound system produces crystal clear audio throughout your wedding venue bringing delight to your guests’ ears. I use top of the range ‘play-out’ systems to ensure the highest possible sound quality. Adaptable for small weddings and capable in large crowds of up to 500 people.

Presentable DJ

My service isn’t the only thing that comes tailored, I do too. I always dress sharp for the occasion in a fine looking suit. Obviously, I don’t want to outshine the groom or guests but I certainly make sure I look the part, prim and proper, with a tie and well-groomed hair.

Articulate MC

I am a well-versed Master of Ceremonies and am clear and confident when speaking on the microphone. I can talk as much as you would like while engaging with your guests, or, stick to mixing amazing music while only making the required announcements and important introductions.

Music & Music

I love music. I live music. Literally. What I don’t know about music and weddings probably isn’t worth knowing. I know the biggest wedding hits and when to play them. My music collection is extensive spanning all genres from all decades. Last minute request on the night? I will more than likely have it!

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